Air cargo tracking help - IE setup

Internet Explorer has a function for privacy that can lead to problems with display of tracking results for some shippers. In short the reason is that standard configuration of these does not allow setting of cookies from third party websites when displayed in a frame.

The affected airlines are:

  • AeroUnion(6R)
  • Air Asia Cargo(D7)
  • Airlink Cargo
  • Avianca Cargo Brasil(O6)
  • Avianca Cargo(AV)
  • Delta Cargo(DL)
  • Garuda Indonesia(GA)
  • Jet Airways(9W)
  • LuxairCARGO(LG)
  • Swissport
  • Trust Forwarding

To make these work with track-trace in Explorer one of the following methods can be used:

  • Open results without frame
  • Use "Track direct"
  • Configure Explorer to allow cookies for the domain

More information about using these methods can be found below.

Open results without frame

When the tracking result for one of the shippers above is displayed in Explorer a warning message is displayed. The warning message includes a link that opens the result without the frame allowing it to be displayed correctly.

Use "Track direct"

If you use the "Track direct" button the results will not be displayed in the frame in most cases and should therefore not be affected by these issues. The drawback of this is that you loose the option of tracking with other airlines when viewing the result. Also note that this button is not available at the main page, you have to use the dedicated air cargo tracking page.

Configure Explorer to allow cookies for the domain

Open privacy report

• IE8

When the result page is displayed after clicking "Track with options", or "Track!" from the main page, an icon appears at the lower right as shown below.

Help ie icon en a957249ea2be0863fc3a546dbba3cf2f517764484e1e23701be65bed30510bce

Doubleclick the icon.

• IE9 and above

When the result page is displayed after clicking "Track with options", or "Track!" from the main page, press Alt-x. Then in the menu that appears select 'Safety - Webpage privacy policy...'

Changing settings for domain

Help ie report en 91bb7cd641e54e02831c68b44714a40e227def8fe9caac3613c074b82e22cda5

Find a line containing the correct domain. See the list above if you're not sure of the domain. Doubleclick this line and the window below appears.

Help ie policy en b260fb28f6e7de9812f8d554364e53ad7286f8a6f07dde9fbb7f031af7924736

Select the option "Allways allow this site to use cookies" and click OK.

The next time you track the result should be displayed correctly.